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Studies show that most homeowners would rather stay in their present location and build on rather than move when space becomes an issue. At some point with most growing families, lack of living space becomes an issue and addition becomes the most viable option.
This endeavor can become the most costly and stressful decision a homeowner may ever make. We at Brian Otto Home Remodeling pride ourselves in making this an exciting and enjoyable experience. It may sound strange, but when we are done, we don't want anyone to be able to tell that we put an addition on your home. 
We take great pride in building additions that "grow" out of the existing structure. For this reason, the Landmark Society of Rochester refers to us with confidence to those owning historical property. Whether you have a contemporary house or a 19th-century Greek revival, our staff will walk through each phase of the project from architectural rendering to site work and construction and the final details that make it a completed project. When homeowner decisions arise, our site foreman will be there to answer all questions and help make the right choices.
With over thirty five years of experience I am confident that our company meets your expectations in a cost-effective and timely fashion.
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