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New Windows

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

I get asked a lot by homeowners if new windows would really make a difference in their energy costs.

New Windows & Doors

Well, there are many factors involved, such as

  • How long will you stay in this home,

  • Do we need to address your home's current insulation,

  • How old are your existing windows, etc.

In most cases with homes older than 20 years (and some very new homes) the answer is yes, if you choose the correct window unites.

Today's manufacturers produce windows that are far superior to what we had only 20 years ago. Standard on most unites are low E, Argon, and Triple Pane just to mention a few of the glass improvement.s Frames, sashes and mechanics are build to withstand far more weather and abuse than earlier models. Not only do these upgrades provide superior energy results by the improvements in glass performance greatly diminish fading of wood floors, carpet and furniture.

What is the best option for your situation? In most cases with existing homes, what we call 'replacement windows' provide the best option. These are custom sized windows (usually vinyl) that are designed to fit int other existing window frame opening. All that is needed is to remove the existing sashes and storm window and install the new unit. Insulation and caulk complete the weather tight fir. These can be installed relatively quick, in most cases you can have new windows installed in your entire house in one day. This process is much less costly and time consuming than having to remove the entire window, trim, siding, etc and installing "new construction' windows.

Again there are many factors to consider and we, at Brian Otto Home remodeling, will be glad to help you make the right decision. Give us a call at 585-377-8201 or email us at And I'll take 10% off any window contractor when you reference this website.

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